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Learning to fly is easier than most people realize!! If you have the time to devote to flying twice a week, you should be able to earn your Private Pilot's Certificate in about six months.

There is a written exam which is based on aircraft systems, "rules of the road", weather, and other related topics that you must pass with a 70% score or better. Many students do their book work & ground school during the winter months when weather conditions are not as favorable. That way, they can concentrate on flying once the spring weather blooms.

The flight training consists of understanding the aircraft, performing various in-flight maneuvers, planning trips from one airport to another, etc. Once you have mastered basic aircraft control, your big day will come when your instructor signs you off for "solo flight". This is the first time you'll take-off and land all by yourself, and is a day that all pilots remember. From here, your instructor will show you advanced maneuvers, and help you start cross-country flight planning (a trip to another airport > 50 miles away). During this time, you'll continue to practice "solo" honing your skills.

As you near completion of your training, you & your instructor will review all maneuvers & materials required for your practical test with an FAA designated examiner (don't worry, these guys are really nice !!). The practical test (or "check ride") consists of a discussion of aviation knowledge (the "oral") followed by a flight-test where you demonstrate your ability to perform the maneuvers you've learned, plan a cross-country trip, and operate the airplane safely. After successful completion of the practical test, the examiner will shake your hand, and hand you your temporary Private Pilot Certificate. Congratulations - you've earned your "ticket"!

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